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CR Chart - Poetry

 Family; homeworld CR or like family
 Friends; close friends in game
 Aquaintances; let's get to know each other
 Enemies; hatred is a terrible thing

Yamazaki Ayumi
She was like our big sister at the Mibu compound. She took care of our wounds, helped do our laundry, woke up the men in the morning, cooked all our meals. And then one day she was stolen from us by the Choushu and the traitor Furutaka Shuntaro, aka Masuya Kiemon. We sought revenge for her death, and we got it. We captured and tortured him, forcing him to reveal his plans. Thanks to her sacrifice, we saved the capital from being burned to the ground and were finally recognized by the people of Kyoto as the protectors that we always wanted to be. But that didn't make her death any easier to handle. All of us missed her terribly, and many of us took responsibility for her death in different ways.

Both Hijikata-san and Yamazaki-san were the worst affected, but Nagakura-san also had a hard time accepting her loss. To see her again well and happy is beyond our greatest dreams, but our greatest fear that she might be stolen from us again is ever present. She seems to have settled into Luceti well, even finding love. She knows what awaits her if she ever goes home. I hope that day never comes.
Sokka Thunderaxe
My student here in Luceti. Sokka-kun is the brother of Katara, and one of the more well known residents here. He helps run the blacksmith's store and so I'd run into him a few times, if casually, before meeting him full on. The way I really got to know him is as his teacher. He is the first and only person I've taught here and it's refreshing to have someone under my tutelage again. He wants to learn how to use the sword and how to fight multiple enemies at once, something I can understand quite well. I'm passing my knowledge of the Tennen Rishin style to him and he's done so well at it, even if he still has a ways to go. Sokka-kun is a fast learner and while he isn't a genius, he is inventive and that is the most important trait a swordsman can have. He is determined, but he also knows my secret and sometimes I fear it weighs on him.

Sokka-kun has great talent, but he really does need to loosen up a bit. I tricked him into dancing for me when the journals were cursed with music, but that backfired a little and got me, too. It was fine though. I really enjoyed just having fun with him. My dual nature probably annoys him a little since he probably came looking for a fierce and scary teacher, but I think it's more fun to show him both sides. I did the same with the men back at the dojo, anyway. He will be my greatest legacy left here, even if he doesn't know it.
Derek Bliss
We first met during a...pretty embarrassing experiment that had me trying to be something called a "Vegas Show Girl." I still don't entirely know what that is, but Derek-san tried to convince me not to do it even as he tried to be as helpful as possible. Since then we've spoken often through the journals and sometimes in person, too. He's a good friend to me here and I value the trust he puts in our relationship. I found him one night out in the forest and discovered that he has a secret like me; only much more deadly. Apparently he's been infected by things called vampires in his world, and when he dies, he'll become one of them. He's keeping this a secret from the general populace though, so I'm doing what I can to keep it, too.

Otherwise, Derek-san is pretty good with his hands and he's learning to garden, along with being something of a fighter and a swordsman. He also sings sometimes over the journals and I like listening in to it. I've never heard most of the songs he sings, but they're very interesting. And he cooks. He fed me a few times when I wasn't able to cook for myself and while the foods are strange, they're actually pretty good. For awhile, Derek-san also disappeared, but recently he has returned. Considering the number of times I've lost friends here, I'm still wary that he will leave again, but he seems to be staying this time and I took care of his plant, Spot, for him while he was on a mission. Hopefully, I can learn to be friends with him again.
Although we haven't spoken much, I met her once or twice and she seems to be a cheery type with interesting friends like Sanji-san and that...green-haired man who fell asleep on the roof in a thunderstorm. And Luffy-san, too. She's part of their crew on a large ship and is apparently quite the leader-figure for them. I never expected a woman to be in such a role. Her spirit and energy impressed me when I first spoke with her, and her friends seem intimately tied to what happens here in the village. I'm going to keep my eye on them all just to see what other fun things they get up to. Besides, she seems to get under Smoker-san's skin and that's always funny to watch.
The God of War - or rather, the demi-god of it, Homura-san has been hanging about with us since he first arrived in Luceti. He has an arrogance to him, but it isn't the sort that bothers. He is, after all, a god, so I suppose some arrogance is to be expected. What's really important is what has happened since - he seems to have taken to Ayumu-san and the two of them are in a relationship, a deep one if the fact that he lives with us now is any indication. At first, I had my own misgivings about such a thing happening, but she seems happy and despite Homura-san's penchant for pushing buttons that I would rather be left alone, he seems to be doing good things for Ayumu-san. His companionship is important to her, even if she won't recognize it herself, and he has no ill intentions. I think they both just wish to be...happy - a feeling that they both may have been bereft of in life. When the time comes, he'll keep her company, and for that, I am thankful to him.
Suzumiya Haruhi
When I first met Haruhi-san, she was Haruki-kun. I met Haruki-kun when he mentioned Nagakura-san's name on a list of the missing from his club. That he was trusted enough with Nagakura-san's real name and that Nagakura-san would join such a group was enough to garner my interest in him. But eventually Haruki-kun left and in his place returned the girl known as Suzumiya Haruhi. To her, all of Haruki's memories are her own, and so I've been getting to know her as well. She knows a great deal about us, but more than that, Haruhi-san is just as interesting as her male self. She's unique - a bit eclectic in a way and sometimes more than a little bit petulant, but she's a good person deep down and she cares a great deal for those she has in her club. The club itself is called the S.O.S. Brigade and is one of the most vocal groups here in the village responsible for a good deal of the entertaining happenings here. Haruhi-san seems to hate being bored and likes to talk about the most unusual things. Despite all that, she's otherwise a very normal girl and it's a bit surprising to see how well she's adjusted to this place.
Arisato Minato
Such a quiet boy, but a good one. We've met a few times, but like the others Minato-kun refuses to tell me much about the past. It's understandable, sure, but it's getting a bit frustrating. I know some things from what Nagakura-san has told me, but I want to know more. I want to be able to help. Anyway, Minato-kun seems to have a nice group of friends, too, so that's good. I like hanging out with him because even if the boy doesn't say a whole lot, he's usually doing something or other that I find interesting. Recently it was making a snow fortress even if he had no enemies to fight against. One worrisome thing, however, is that Minato-kun seems to fall asleep if left on his own too long. I hope he's not sick or anything.
Litchi Faye-Ling
Litchi-san came to my aide after I was attacked by the shadow creature known as Pride. As a healer, she and Derek-san made sure I didn't die from the extensive wounds I received at Pride's hands. They then transported me to the Clinic where Litchi-san tended to me until I was well enough to return home. Litchi-san has helped me on several occasions since and I think she is a lovely woman.

There was once some trouble with her where she apparently attacked people against her will. She was...killed, but I do not know more than that. Once she returned, she helped me with curing my disease, but was sent home shortly after that. With no one else to turn to that I can trust, I've been trying to sneak the same medicines she gave me from the Clinic from time to time, but they're lowering in efficiency. I have heard she has returned, but without knowing how much she remembers, I'm staying quiet.
Vash the Stampede
Vash-san is one of the more colorful residents here. Unlike other fighters of his caliber, he prefers the path of peace and will actively try to save even his enemies from injury and death. He has a good heart and no doubt some reason for this, and while I can't agree with his philosophy, I find his conviction to it admirable. He lived nearby when I was still in the Community Building so I often spoke with him or at least greeted him in the halls. He tells me interesting stories about his life back home, too, which I appreciate since I've never been abroad and will likely never get the chance. His friends Meryl and Wolfwood are interesting people, too, but I've only ever spoken briefly to Wolfwood-san and only spoke to Meryl once or twice - most recently when an enemy of Vash's appeared from his world.
Smoker-san is so amusing~ For someone who looks so scary at first, he's actually a really nice man. He apparently comes from Luffy-san's world, but instead of being on their side, he's one of the 'Marines' or the people who catch pirates. I wasn't aware that what Nami-san and her friends did was illegal, but looking back on it I should have. Smoker-san has a very strict sense of justice, but I think he'd bend the rules a little if it was necessary to do the right thing. He apparently has powers like some people here tend to, and his is to turn his body into smoke. I promised not to tell anyone in return for him showing me one day. I can't wait to see it! It sounds so interesting. He also helped make Saizou a watermelon boat and came to see me when I was ill. For all his big scary toughness, he's just a softy inside, but don't tell him that or he'll growl. ...Or do tell him and you can laugh when he does. He just recently returned from a trip home, so he's a little different now.
Maes Hughes
Another resident of Community Building 4, I met him during the Tease invasion and we fought together to protect this place. Hughes-san is a hand-to-hand fighter who works with knives and I offered him a blade in case he needed one. He prefers short knives to full blades. He's a very amiable person otherwise and very helpful to all the new people. He told me that many people think they're dead when they arrive because wings are apparently a symbol of the afterlife for cultures like his. I wonder if that's true though? In Japan, the ghosts never seem to have wings, so I wasn't aware of that idea. He's keeping an eye out for any more New Feathers for me and if I have the chance, I'd like to speak with him more.
Ginia Solana
I don't know her very well, although I've seen her about and talked with her a few times. I knew of her more via reputation than actual talking. She and Giles-san had a relationship up until the time he disappeared, and I know she made Giles-san very happy. It is for this reason that I worry for her now that he is gone, but she is surrounded by friends and a tight network of people she trusts, so it is for the best, I suppose. She was originally mute, but due to the magic of their housemate - a man named Helios - she has an amulet that allows her to speak. Ginia-san is very personable and talkative now that she is able, and I wish her luck in her time here.
He's very pretty. That was my first impression of him. He has hair like the sun and large white wings - which almost made me mistake him for the Third Party. He's very serious and seems to be adjusting to life here, even if having lost his homeland and his ability to fly seems to be bothering him. Reyson-san is called a Laguz and he can transform into a giant heron. I've seen him do this and it's quite magnificent♥ For some reason, being around him makes it easier to stay positive about being in Luceti so I'd like to see him again sometime. He's helping me train Sokka-kun by scaring him sometimes - or so I hope.