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054 [Written]

I hope the experiment isn't causing everyone too much trouble. It's been so much fun to watch it from the windows. I saw a large black vehicle fall from the sky the other day. And people.

In fact, has everyone been well? Does anyone have any fun stories from their time so far? I'd like to hear them.

[Private to Sokka [personal profile] markofthewise]
I hope to return soon. Perhaps I will. If not, keep up with your training and remember what I have taught you. It was an honor to have you as a pupil and a friend. I realize it wasn't always easy putting up with me, but you did so very admirably. I wish you luck in your future with Suki and with your training. I have a double here. He should be able to train you in my absence, or in the event that I do not return from where I am going.

[Private to Okita Souji [personal profile] gohon]
Take care of them until I return. If I return. I know it is much to ask of you, but there are few others who I can trust with this. I am glad we met and that our worlds are different. Perhaps your future will be brighter and better. I can only hope so.

[Private to Yamazaki Ayumu [personal profile] ayu_nee]
I'll be back in a week. I promise. Make sure to take care of yourself while I'm gone. I'll be upset with you if I come back and you aren't doing well. -I- He was proud to have you as a sister and he misses you terribly. Know that.

[Private to Hijikata Toshizou [personal profile] onifukuchou]
Make sure to open your window and let in the fresh air. The summer here isn't as stifling as Kyoto and the sunlight is warm and the skies peaceful. It reminds me of home, in a way, before we began the path we both walk even now. I'm looking forward to going back to that together someday. Maybe we'll find you a wife you don't have to steal♥

. I'll return soon. And I'll scold you if you let yourself get sick in the meantime. Thank you, Hijikata-san. I couldn't have asked for a better friend in you.
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[Private - Voice]

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... Master Souji? What do you mean 'return soon'? You shouldn't be going anywhere!
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How am I supposed to not worry if you're talking like this?
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I'm not a kid, Souji. It's not just a trip you're talking about.
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[Private - Voice]

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[... wow. That voice is so weak. His fists tighten, torn between sadness and anger.]

They do, but... there has to be something someone can do.
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That's easier said than done.
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I- okay. We'll talk tomorrow.

[Or. That's what he hopes to do.]
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[He closes the book quietly.

Goodbye Master Souji.]
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[Homura knocks on Okita's door with one hand, a tray of food in the other. It's simple stuff, things he remembers from when Ayumu took care of Okita before, or when the woman had been sick herself. Without her there to correct him, Homura knows he'll get complaints about it, which is fine.

It's nothing more than excuse. He'll say that Ayumu would be angry at them both if he didn't at least attempt to take care of Okita, but Homura knows. He's seen the man's condition change, and how he withers.

He's gone through dying that way.]

I'm coming in Okita. [Homura waits longer than he normally would, to give Okita time to gather himself. He opens the door slowly, steps inside and makes sure to close it completely behind him.]
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[Even now, looking as weak as he does, when he's spent days contained in this room, Okita still smiles. It's as much of a testament to stubbornness as Homura's ever seen, and it's painful to watch.]

Hello Okita.

[He moves to the bed, sets the tray down next to Okita, then takes a step back. The man has always favored his personal space. And in turn, Homura rarely has a problem intruding, but he's also calculating in his steps. So physically, he separates from Okita, crosses his arms over his chest, and asks for what will no doubt be a lie.]

How are you feeling?
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Hijikata seems himself. There's still no sign of Ayumu.

[It is obvious, and even Homura has to fight to keep his typical grin in the face of that truth. He nods carefully, keeping his voice even as he asks his next question, however odd it might make it seem.]

Are you well enough to hold a sword?
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But you never gave me that spar.
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[ Phew. Despite being a cat it's pretty good that he's able to respond to this normally. Otherwise... Souji's not quite sure what he'd do.

It is really odd to watch this all unfold, though; he's technically watching himself die. Yet that fact hasn't quite... sunk in, despite knowing him for about three months. He knows this in his mind, but there is that disconnect there. It's just... a strange feeling. ]

Heh, I'm pretty sure if this is your fate, then it's mine, too. [ bitter, bitter. ]
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Hmm. [ Doctors, that can help? He's a bit skeptical, but if it means being able to continue to fight without... this hindrance... then maybe.

he'll think about it

Not really wanting to talk about This anymore, he'll go ahead and change the subject. ]
Well, fine. I'll be sure to check up on the others until you come back.
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[ Oh, it's fine; he understands. Though he does find it funny, because if this were him right now, he'd probably want to go out in a very different way. Not so quietly and calmly like his other me is...

That makes him slightly irritated, for some reason. Though he brushes it off. ]

Ah. Is it the one with the dark skin and blue eyes? That's fine. I'll be ready, just in case.