ahappylie: (Or so I heard~)
[It's such a nice day out that Okita has decided to take the House 50 pets for a walk. Around mid-morning after he finishes his training, Okita can be found wandering around the village with the yellow chocobo Tammy in tow. And on her back? A disgruntled Saizou, wishing he could be down from the heathen bird. Tammy doesn't seem to care since Okita keeps plying her with treats to ensure she follows.

As he walks, he'll open the journal and turn on the video, showing him and the bird in the background.

It's such a nice day out~

I wonder if everyone's in school or if they're on break~?

Are all the New Feathers settled in? If anyone would like a tour around town today, I'll be out with Saizou and Tammy~ Dog, unfortunately, can't take walks. Poor thing. But! That's okay~ He's happy at home. Come say hello! I really want to meet all of you.