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Okita Souji is busy, busy, busy. Fayt is still recovering as far as he knows, so he takes the time to visit by Ground Building, Floor 2, Room #7 when he gets a chance. However, most of his time is devoted to the Welcome Center. He's there at all hours of the day now, working the desk or finding people around the village who seem lost to hand out maps and information. It's odd to him that these people don't have wings, but he doesn't recall a time when this has happened before, so it was either an experiment or a new way of coming into Luceti. Either way, he's there with a smile on his face, bundled up against the cold - sometimes with a medium-sized grumpy pig at his heels = and greeting all the people that he can. When he's not working, he's back at House 50 and sitting out front, just in case, but looking more exhausted than he has in awhile.

Walter Bishop is, for lack of a better term, discombobulated by the newcomers. His usual routine disturbed, he isn't certain whether to hide in his house/lab in Flame Building, Floor 3, Room 11 or to go out and explore this strange phenomenon. If and when he's out, he's in his usual cabby hat and a heavy jacket over his wool sweater and checkered shirts. He'll be flitting from place to place all over the village, wherever any of the newcomers are with a medium-sized metal case in one hand and the other raised to catch their attention.

"P-Pardon me! You there! Wait a moment now, I can't run after you carrying all this equipment!"

Peggy Carter, aka Agent Carter since the influx of sudden newcomers minus their wings has sent her into full "wtf" mode, is spending her time as wisely as possible. Along with directing any newcomers who need it toward the bar where she works, she's going to be following people around discreetly to see if she can learn anything about their sudden appearance. She can also be found quite easily at the Barracks practising hand-to-hand combat knife techniques, at the Battle Dome doing various shooting exercises, or behind Flame Building throwing axes into trees while still wearing her usual skirt and heels because what lady doesn't, right?

To patrons at the bar, she'll often set down their order with a smile and an opening line of, "Can't be easy coming in like this - how are you holding up?"

Beat is doing his usual thing, but with all the newcomers he's doing a lot more work for All Passions for Rhyme. This means he's running all around the village either on foot or on his skateboard as he tries to hit up all the shops to get materials that Rhyme might need, or send the newcomers toward the clothing stores if they need it. He spends most of his time in the village plaza looking harried, but excited by all the activity. He's also going to be looking for as many familiar faces as he can, hoping to see if any of his friends have shown up during this chaos. Unfortunately, he's never been the best at looking ahead and so he might just barrel straight into people as he runs, periodically yelling, "Watch out! Comin' through! Move it, slowbean!"

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