ahappylie: (Bittersweet)
To any who knew them, Homura the demi-god, Yamazaki Ayumu and Hijikata Toshizou have all returned home. I'm afraid they didn't leave much when they left and so I cannot give out letters as others do.

[He's quiet for a moment, trying to steady his voice regardless of how much this hurts. Everything is wrong and he can't do a thing to fix it. They're all gone, most of them off to die, leaving him behind, possibly never returning and he knows that he will end his days here without ever seeing them again. Ayumu has returned to oblivion, Homura as well. And Hijikata has gone back without the knowledge of the future so vital to his survival. He can't do a thing to change history or the future and here he is, living out his days in sloth and loneliness.

Despite all that, he almost doesn't want to see them again. He isn't sure if his heart could take it, if his soul wouldn't warp and begin to hate them for leaving him behind. Hijikata had promised to never leave him behind as long as he was useful.

Perhaps it means he isn't useful anymore. He wouldn't be surprised. His swordsmanship is suffering now that he can't breathe as well as he used to and without his swordsmanship, what is he?


As if realizing that his silence is stretching uncomfortably long, he clears his throat and forces himself to be cheerful again.

If anyone needs help repairing their homes or fixing anything, please let me know. I have little else to do around the house here and I think if we stay indoors any longer, Tammy might start eating the furniture.