ahappylie: (Bittersweet)
[Been awhile, hasn't it, Luceti? Okita ended up staying at the Battle Dome clinic a LOT longer than he meant to in order to wait out a fever and his coughing. He's finally well enough to go home and so he's on his way toward House 50.

If you can catch him before he hits the house, you might actually get a chance to see him for the first time in a long time.

After he gets to the house, he'll likely be sealing himself off again. Shinpachi is missing, Sanosuke is out looking for him, Ayumu is hovering, and he simply isn't in the mood to see an empty room next to his anymore.

Before he leaves, however, he'll post up a note on the network.

To the doctors at the battle dome clinic? Thank you for all your help. I appreciate you allowing me to stay so long.

I suppose it's almost time for the New Feathers to appear, hm? I should be able to resume my duties at the Center soon enough.

..... [He could say something else, but he'll end the message there.]