ahappylie: (Wistful)
[Souji is at home and it's too quiet. He ends up talking to Saizou, his pig, for company a lot lately and this time, Saizou steps on the journal as he's talking, picking up bits and pieces of their one-sided conversation.]

Accidental Voice [ooc cut] )

[The microphone picks up the muffled bumps and thumps as Saizou bites the journal and brings it over for Souji. He presses the on button again, unaware that it was already recording. When he addresses everyone, he's much chipper like he always, no trace of his earlier stress.]

I learned a new game so I have a question for everyone~

Would you rather eat nothing but your favorite food forever or never eat your favorite food again?

Also, it has been quite awhile, but anyone who knew my other self, Hijikata-san or Chizuru-chan; they've all returned to their homes.