ahappylie: (Wistful)
[It's been awhile since he's last needed to write anything in here, but it's a lazy sunny day, so he's taken his book out to fountain to soak up the late sun and read through the entries.

It seems like a lot of people have been disappearing lately, and even more people are missing something from "home." It was odd to think of future Luceti as home, but that was what it had become over the years. It wasn't his real home, but it was home for now.

And so he sketches in the book, rough portrait doodles in black and white of people that are gone. He draws Sasurai and Ramirez, from a time not many people would remember. He adds to those two pictures of Rue and Padme, Suki, Nagakura Shinpachi, Yamanami, Yamazaki Susumu and his sister Ayumu, Tetsunosuke and his brother Tatsu, Haruhi, The Doctor with his bow tie and the Doctor with his stripey suit and funny glasses and behind him the strange blue box he always talked about.

Then, all around the edges, he adds in butterflies and Saizou chasing after them with a picture of a goldfish and a chicken to one side. When he's almost filled the entire page, he writes a message at the bottom.

Who else do you miss?