ahappylie: (Frank and open)
[Okita is feeling better so he went back to his graveyard shifts at the Welcome Center, mostly to distract himself from Nagakura leaving and now Kohaku being missing. Now that the New Feathers are arriving, he's been somewhat busy with preparation for the morning shifts so that helps keep his mind off things. He likes to leave breakfast ready for people as he leaves in the morning, so people in the Welcome Center might find a traditional Japanese breakfast (fish, rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables) left for them when they wake up.

After, he heads toward the barracks for practice, which is when he opens his journal.

Good morning, Luceti! And welcome to all the new arrivals who are beginning to settle in. I hope you're all doing well. I sure am! Much better than before, at least. Especially now that the weather has cleared!

I know it's quite early yet, but if anyone would like to train a bit in the barracks? I'd love to have a partner. Kaku-san? Anyone?