ahappylie: (Or so I heard~)
[Filtered to residents of House 50]

Yamazaki-san? If you or someone else could go to the clinic and possibly get me something to cut down a fever, I would be most obliged. But don't worry! It's nothing very bad. I think Saizou tracked something in with him the last time he was out. Silly pig. [There's a muddy hoof print on the journal where Saizou objects.]

[/End Filter]

Hm~ Welcome to all the new people! I hope you're doing well! I know it can be quite confusing when you first arrive in Luceti, but feel free to come by the Welcome Center.

[Drawn here is a map pointing to the building.]

We have beds and meals and access to the Guide as well as people willing to explain this place to you. Do take care, especially since it's getting chilly out♥