ahappylie: (At peace)
You've all been busy. I think I liked it better during the experiment. It's a shame I missed most of it.

[He has to pause for a moment, and can be heard moving through the brush.]

Anyway, I'm home. Please tell me no one ate Saizou while I was away.

[Now it's time to get home finally and rest. The stitch in his side and the shortness of breath are really bothering him, but he'll still stop and say hi to people who find him on his way as he walks through the forests and across town toward House 40. It's only polite, after all, and he was gone awhile.

He might even stop and say hi - mostly to then ask about this Catherine business, though. So if your person is out and about, welcome to having a guy in New Feather pants, newly back from the dead, probably still looking like death warmed over, coming up with a smile and a--

Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you something?