ahappylie: (Quite excited)
[Souji has no idea wtf an amusement park is, but it's shiny and new and looks like a festival, so you can bet he wants to go and is probably already on his way there.]

Nagakura-san! Tetsu-kun! There's a festival--like...thing....

Amusement park! That's what it's called. Come on, we have to go! Last one there has to do the chores for a week.

[And edited later on, he adds this in because he's being a little snot to the Medic:]

Heavy-san~~~~ Do you want to go to the festival amusement park thing? It might be fun~

And you, too, Kohaku-chan! The weather is lovely today, yes? Perhaps you aren't so tired now?

Kirimi-chan? Are you going out? Sasarai-san? Martel-san?

Who else is going? I just love, festivals!