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2025-09-03 03:18 pm
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OOC: How's My Driving?

HMD for Okita Souji. Please leave any criticisms, critiques, comments or otherwise here.
If you'd like to plot but cannot reach me elsewhere, please post here.

All comments are screened, anonymous posting is on and IP logging off.

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2024-03-31 02:06 pm
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Appointments & Messages


Please label with the date and type of interaction.
EX: [Voice - March 5th] / [Action - March 12th] / [Video - April 7th]
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2016-12-10 11:03 pm
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+ ic inbox +


"Hello! You've reached Okita Souji's...box thing! I'm still not completely sure how to use these, but they certainly are useful. I'm sorry I wasn't here to listen to your voice letter. Please leave me a message.

I'll figure out how to listen to it soon enough."

* Label your post with the date and type of interaction
    > voice, video, action, voice message, etc.
    > commentspam, prose, anything goes

* Contact via PM or [plurk.com profile] wagashi with questions, concerns, or plotting

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2016-12-10 10:26 pm
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+ information +

Name/Handle: Kaze
Contact: [plurk.com profile] wagashi
Reference: Akai
Other characters: N/A

Character name: Okita Souji
Character journal: [personal profile] ahappylie
Series name: Peace Maker Kurogane (anime, with manga backstory)
Canon notes: End of anime series, the Ikedaya Incident has passed and he's recovering during the Gion Festival

Species: Human

History: PMK anime + manga recap - this is my old LJ journal, so the name is different, but this is my work

Okita Souji has two distinct personalities. One is the face he shows the public: a happy-go-lucky, childish man, enthused with sweets and generally found playing with the neighborhood children. He dislikes the taste of alcohol, doesn’t indulge in the normal pleasure pursuits that most people of his age do, laughs easily, teases his friends, and, like most people of his time period, is both fascinated and a little put off by foreign things. Okita is more prone to prank someone and go off to wander the town in search of something tasty to eat, than he is likely to go visit the pleasure districts or engage in drunken fights like some men of his time. He’ll sometimes cut his patrols early in order to stop by the local sweets shop, and then dole out the candy he buys to the children nearby if he doesn’t eat it himself. He is a bit of a clean freak and prefers to keep things tidy around him – even though he keeps a piglet (named Saizou) as a pet.

The other side of him is when he has a sword in his hands. He gained his mastery and teaching certificate at the age of 18 (younger than anyone else had in his style, Tennen Rishin), and he was born with an innate ability to wield a blade. Unfortunately, when he is fighting, it is all or nothing. He loses sight of who his opponent is as a person, viewing them only as the 'enemy' who needs to be eliminated. He's a terribly efficient killer and he’s taken out students and other teachers, nearly killing them, the moment he sees them as a threat. Given a purpose and an enemy at which to point his blade, Okita is a formidable enemy, but that is exactly what he hates so much about himself.

Okita despises the thing he has become even while he recognizes the necessity for men like him in the tumultuous age in which he lives. As a child, he had been told to hide his ability after defeating a samurai and taking his sword, causing the samurai and his own family a great deal of shame. His father was killed on the journey to return the sword, and Okita realized the terrible nature of his gift. He blamed himself for his father’s death and thereafter thought it was because of his skill with a sword that people around him died or left him behind. Until Hijikata Toshizou told him to become stronger at the sword so that he would become indispensible, he'd actually given swordsmanship up. Okita admits that he is weak-willed and needs someone to guide him or provide a steady force in his life. Hijikata and Kondo do just that and molded him into the warrior he is today, for better or for worse. He's strong on honor, devoted to a cause, and willing to kill mercilessly in order to accomplish the collective goal.

Despite all of that, by the end of the series, he's entered a stage of quiet melancholy as he's been confronted with his imminent mortality. Historically speaking, Okita Souji dies at the age of 25 from tuberculosis, a then incurable disease. Throughout the series, he displays symptoms, but at the battle of the Ikedaya he actually coughs up blood. He has a few years before he dies, but his realization of what is happening to him fuels him to work harder than before. His greatest fear is to be left behind (as he was left by his parents in their death, and his sisters when they gave him away), and he wants to be of use to people. Therefore, he keeps his disease a firm secret and refuses to outwardly acknowledge what is happening to him. He feels that, should he admit to it, he would have to watch his friends mourn him while he was still alive, and it would detract from their resolve to fight as well as possibly crush so many of them at an important junction in their lives. He'd rather sacrifice himself and his health in order for others to live just a few more days or weeks without having to know the truth.

Abilities: Nothing to be dampened as he's just a slightly above average human being, but he has experience with kendo and kenjutsu, the Japanese swordsmanship arts. He's a master of Tennen Rishin style swordsmanship which emphasized practicality on the battlefield along with forms. He can use weapons and everyday objects to help him fight, but he's still only human. His strength is in his speed and agility, rather than brute strength. He's still strong enough to use a bamboo sword to break through practice armor, but he can also be overpowered by a greater force as his stamina runs out.
Augment Skillset: Security Augment
These little boxes are just so amazing! And, I guess, the things they put in our heads. [Even if he REALLY wants to dig it the heck out of there and pitch it into the cold, dark reaches of space - which is another new concept he has learned in his time here. Space is weird and terrifying.] In my time, we didn't even have this 'electricity' thing and now I [supposedly] completely understand the concept. It's fascinating~

Is there a way to learn other useful things using these things? Not like weapons or engineering training, those things are boring. I mean things like cooking properly or painting pictures! Or writing poetry. I know someone who could probably use that particular skill, even if it would make me sad to see him improve. [He sighs, pouting a little.] Since he's not here, it's not even any fun to read his poems aloud! [Then he brightens.] But I will, if anyone wants to hear them. I have them all memorized because he's my favorite poet in the world. But! Does anyone have any stories or poems they miss from home? I'd love to hear more about it.

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+ one set of white kimono clothing, blue obi, wooden geta

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2016-12-10 10:12 pm
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+ permissions +

+ Permissions Meme
Threadhopping/Threadjacking: Perfectly okay as long as all parties involved are in agreement! Just be sure to coordinate. It can be as simple as contacting me on plurk to commenting here. I'm pretty open!

Backtagging: I live in Japan so my time zone is a little screwy meaning I'm up for backtagging until the end of time.

Hugging: He isn't much for personal contact and will likely avoid hugs unless he's very close to your character. In his era, a hug was a very intimate thing. He's very affectionate in his own way, but he's not too touchy-feely. Doesn't mean I'm not okay with people hugging him though! Culture shock is fun.

Kissing: Culture shock is fun 8) But TB is not, so, you know, I hope your character is vaccinated or immune.

Hanky-panky: Sure, if our characters get that far. I'm open to it.

Relationships: He's going to gathering people like platonic pokemon, but romantically, it'll take a little longer. If you're up for a long term slow burn "GODDAMMIT, JUST TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS, MORONS" then we coo'.

Kinks/No-Gos: I don't have any kinks I particularly like, but I'm open to discussing most anything. As for No-Gos, I'm not up for anything non-consensual although if someone is pushy but doesn't try to force him, I'm cool.

Punching: Sure, but he will punch back and possibly three times as hard. Or stab. Stabby McStabbkins over here has boundary issues.

Injury?: Let's beat him up. 8) As long as we talk about it beforehand, I'm toootally cool with him getting his butt kicked sideways off the ship.

Death? Well, that's going to happen eventually anyway because *~history~* but in game, sure. If there's a good plot reason for it.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?:Don't fourth wall him as an anime character, but history fourth wall? Sure. Fanboy, tell him his future, be surprised that he likes pink t-shirts, whatever you like.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? He's extremely friendly and very open, but only to a certain extent. He also uses aliases when meeting people he wishes to distance from his Shinsengumi persona; so you might hear him respond to the name Okita, Souji, or Soujirou. If he's undercover, he'll use one of his formal names Kaneyoshi or Harumasa.

And while he seems normal and well adjusted on the outside, he actually harbors a major complex about his skill. He refers to himself as a demon and refuses to think that he's a normal human being since he was born with undeniable skill at the sword, which inadvertently got his father killed. He killed his first person at the age of nine and has since refused to think of himself as a person, but rather as a demon raised to defend his country and do as he was told. He'll wield his sword for his cause and pretend not to regret the river of blood he's caused and the issues it causes him.

Anything else, please mention here: It's mentioned in his profile as well, but he's suffering from tuberculosis - early to mid stages. Also, it might be noted that his voice actor is a woman, so his voice is softer and not quite as deep or as masculine as some might expect.

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2014-10-24 12:17 pm

063 [written]

[It's been awhile since he's last needed to write anything in here, but it's a lazy sunny day, so he's taken his book out to fountain to soak up the late sun and read through the entries.

It seems like a lot of people have been disappearing lately, and even more people are missing something from "home." It was odd to think of future Luceti as home, but that was what it had become over the years. It wasn't his real home, but it was home for now.

And so he sketches in the book, rough portrait doodles in black and white of people that are gone. He draws Sasurai and Ramirez, from a time not many people would remember. He adds to those two pictures of Rue and Padme, Suki, Nagakura Shinpachi, Yamanami, Yamazaki Susumu and his sister Ayumu, Tetsunosuke and his brother Tatsu, Haruhi, The Doctor with his bow tie and the Doctor with his stripey suit and funny glasses and behind him the strange blue box he always talked about.

Then, all around the edges, he adds in butterflies and Saizou chasing after them with a picture of a goldfish and a chicken to one side. When he's almost filled the entire page, he writes a message at the bottom.

Who else do you miss?
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2014-01-25 08:03 pm

♥~fourth wall catch-all~♥

Okita Souji is busy, busy, busy. Fayt is still recovering as far as he knows, so he takes the time to visit by Ground Building, Floor 2, Room #7 when he gets a chance. However, most of his time is devoted to the Welcome Center. He's there at all hours of the day now, working the desk or finding people around the village who seem lost to hand out maps and information. It's odd to him that these people don't have wings, but he doesn't recall a time when this has happened before, so it was either an experiment or a new way of coming into Luceti. Either way, he's there with a smile on his face, bundled up against the cold - sometimes with a medium-sized grumpy pig at his heels = and greeting all the people that he can. When he's not working, he's back at House 50 and sitting out front, just in case, but looking more exhausted than he has in awhile.

Walter Bishop is, for lack of a better term, discombobulated by the newcomers. His usual routine disturbed, he isn't certain whether to hide in his house/lab in Flame Building, Floor 3, Room 11 or to go out and explore this strange phenomenon. If and when he's out, he's in his usual cabby hat and a heavy jacket over his wool sweater and checkered shirts. He'll be flitting from place to place all over the village, wherever any of the newcomers are with a medium-sized metal case in one hand and the other raised to catch their attention.

"P-Pardon me! You there! Wait a moment now, I can't run after you carrying all this equipment!"

Peggy Carter, aka Agent Carter since the influx of sudden newcomers minus their wings has sent her into full "wtf" mode, is spending her time as wisely as possible. Along with directing any newcomers who need it toward the bar where she works, she's going to be following people around discreetly to see if she can learn anything about their sudden appearance. She can also be found quite easily at the Barracks practising hand-to-hand combat knife techniques, at the Battle Dome doing various shooting exercises, or behind Flame Building throwing axes into trees while still wearing her usual skirt and heels because what lady doesn't, right?

To patrons at the bar, she'll often set down their order with a smile and an opening line of, "Can't be easy coming in like this - how are you holding up?"

Beat is doing his usual thing, but with all the newcomers he's doing a lot more work for All Passions for Rhyme. This means he's running all around the village either on foot or on his skateboard as he tries to hit up all the shops to get materials that Rhyme might need, or send the newcomers toward the clothing stores if they need it. He spends most of his time in the village plaza looking harried, but excited by all the activity. He's also going to be looking for as many familiar faces as he can, hoping to see if any of his friends have shown up during this chaos. Unfortunately, he's never been the best at looking ahead and so he might just barrel straight into people as he runs, periodically yelling, "Watch out! Comin' through! Move it, slowbean!"

[ooc; Catch-all post for all my characters, just let me know who you want in the header and where they are.]
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2014-01-09 09:15 am

062 [voice]

[Things have been difficult for him lately and he's been avoiding "certain people" with a vengeance, but there is always one thing that he knows can cheer him up.

Souji opens his journal one day and with as bright and cheerful a voice as he can muster (which is kind of like rainbows barfing sunshine) he says:

So who here is being a grumpy grump after the holidays? I know you're out there~

I've heard of at least two: the one with the spiky hair who hates being asked about it and the one with the skirt who hates it being called a skirt.

There have to be more, aren't there? [He degrades into what sounds like baby talk.] So who's being a grumpy-wumpy bear, hm?
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2013-09-02 10:37 am

061 [voice]

I think it's all getting settled again, hm? Other than that commotion the other day, which I hope is resolved...

[He knows his friends got hurt in that fight, but he never got to hear what happened to the boy at the center of it all. He hopes the kid is okay.]

For everyone who isn't hurt, I was wondering, how many of you had "family dinners" like some of us had in that invasion world? Everyone coming together for a meal, sitting around together with your parents or siblings, eating together and talking about your day.

It seemed nice.

Filtered to Kohaku, Cliff Fittir, Nel Zelpher and Fayt Leingod )
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2013-07-05 04:04 pm

060 [video | written]

[He's taken the time to write the same information he's saying in a message beneath the video. He's sitting at the Welcome Center front desk, little rocks painted like various people from Luceti (even some faces who are now long gone) lined up on the edge of the desk in front of him.]

Hello, Luceti~ It seems that the New Feather season is upon us again, so I would like to inform new people that they can find temporary accommodations, food, and information on Luceti at the Welcome Center located on the town plaza. We even have this lovely calendar here-- [He turns the camera around to show the large calendar on the Welcome Center wall, holding it there for a moment before putting the journal back.] --for people who would like to advertise and plan events to be held around the town.

For those who find themselves in the woods, don't worry! There are stone structures dotted throughout the forest with maps, provisions, and instructions on how to reach the village and the Center itself.

We all know how hard it is to adjust to such new, strange surroundings, so please don't hesitate to ask for help. That's what we're here for.

Oh, also, on that note, if there is anyone who would like to volunteer their time at the Center, please let me know. I know Aang-kun and Potts-san assist where they can, but we're always looking for more people to help stock the New Feather stations or man the help desk.

Mm....I guess that's about it. Unless you can think of anything.

[His pig snorts from under the desk and Souji laughs.]

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and please keep an eye out for any newcomers, if you can. Thank you~

[Filtered; Written: Sokka Thunderaxe | Filtered; Written: Fayt Leingod, Cliff Fittir] )
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2013-04-15 09:44 am

059 [voice/action]

(Action) Day 1, April 15
[Souji comes back in the rain and it's the feeling of water hitting him in the face that wakes him up. He doesn't remember much of being away, but he knows things are different when he sits up and notices that the stitch in his side he'd come to expect over the past year is gone. He comes back in the new feather pants and not much else, soaked to the bone so he had to have been outside for some time. The cold seeps into his bones and he sneezes.

And wakes up in a cloud of glitter in someone's living room. Perhaps it is your character's living room or apartment or even their shop because this is going to be happening all day.

....That was.


[Later that day, he sends out a voice message to the village.]
Well, that was fun~ It's good to be back though. Cliff-san, Kohaku-chan? I hope they weren't too much of a handful.

I'll be home as soon as... [Oh, he feels a sneeze coming on.] ...Soon. Ish.

(Action) Day 2, April 16
[He'd just gotten used to teleporting and leaving glitter trails everywhere when he found he could not walk anymore. Or really do anything except slide around like he was permanently on ice. Which is a lot of fun once he figures out how to get going and starts sliding through the village on his geta like they were ice skates.

The problem being that he can't stop unless he runs into someone. So what does he do? He is purposefully trying to run into people. Oops.

Look out~

(Action) Day 3, April 17
[DINOSAUR IN THE VILLAGE. There is a velociraptor hanging out in the middle of the town square, looking rather curious. Or is it hungry?

It's hard to tell what with it being a dinosaur. What do you do?
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2013-02-23 11:18 pm

058 [voice]

[Souji is at home and it's too quiet. He ends up talking to Saizou, his pig, for company a lot lately and this time, Saizou steps on the journal as he's talking, picking up bits and pieces of their one-sided conversation.]

Accidental Voice [ooc cut] )

[The microphone picks up the muffled bumps and thumps as Saizou bites the journal and brings it over for Souji. He presses the on button again, unaware that it was already recording. When he addresses everyone, he's much chipper like he always, no trace of his earlier stress.]

I learned a new game so I have a question for everyone~

Would you rather eat nothing but your favorite food forever or never eat your favorite food again?

Also, it has been quite awhile, but anyone who knew my other self, Hijikata-san or Chizuru-chan; they've all returned to their homes.
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2013-01-26 11:12 pm

0?? 4th Wall Shenanigans

Okita Souji: Once he heard the commotion outside, he had to investigate. The amount of new people was amazing - and all without wings. Souji can be found anywhere in the village today, meeting new people, assisting the "New Feathers" at the Welcome Centre, or even on the journal, answering questions. It's going to be a busy day and he can be found wandering with his pig, Saizou.
Grell Sutcliffe: Grell, on the other hand, is most unamused. Still without her glasses from her Mallynap, she's going to hang on the rooftops and just...wait to see if anyone in this rush of new people can make glasses. Occasionally, she calls down to people, squinting to get a better picture of them.

"You. You, yes, you. Look here. I have a question for you."
Beat: Skateboarding through town and still unable to talk, Beat has his journal out with a sign on it that reads "WACH OUT" He's trying to steer clear of people, but with all the newcomers, the village is rather crowded and it's hard to keep clear of everyone.
traveler: ♪ the traveler is going to be running after anyone and everyone it meets. let's be friends.
Agent Peggy Carter: Last, but not least, Peggy is going to be staying clear of this mess as much as possible. She's still hurt from her return from the Malnosso's loving care and will keep herself stationed at either the library, the Welcome Centre, or the bar toward the evening. If anyone needs help, she'll be open to talk, but otherwise, she's going to be cleaning her guns and trying to stay out of people's ways.

[ooc; just put in the header which character you'd like!]
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2012-08-21 04:26 pm

057 [ audio & action ]

[Action: Noon, August 21st]
Town Square is where it's at if you have a musical ear )

[In the background, this song can be heard quite noticeably.]

Hm~ I guess it isn't so bad. [He laughs a little.] I've been gone for quite awhile it seems. House 50? How is everyone doing?
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2012-06-28 03:34 pm

056 [Voice]

To any who knew them, Homura the demi-god, Yamazaki Ayumu and Hijikata Toshizou have all returned home. I'm afraid they didn't leave much when they left and so I cannot give out letters as others do.

[He's quiet for a moment, trying to steady his voice regardless of how much this hurts. Everything is wrong and he can't do a thing to fix it. They're all gone, most of them off to die, leaving him behind, possibly never returning and he knows that he will end his days here without ever seeing them again. Ayumu has returned to oblivion, Homura as well. And Hijikata has gone back without the knowledge of the future so vital to his survival. He can't do a thing to change history or the future and here he is, living out his days in sloth and loneliness.

Despite all that, he almost doesn't want to see them again. He isn't sure if his heart could take it, if his soul wouldn't warp and begin to hate them for leaving him behind. Hijikata had promised to never leave him behind as long as he was useful.

Perhaps it means he isn't useful anymore. He wouldn't be surprised. His swordsmanship is suffering now that he can't breathe as well as he used to and without his swordsmanship, what is he?


As if realizing that his silence is stretching uncomfortably long, he clears his throat and forces himself to be cheerful again.

If anyone needs help repairing their homes or fixing anything, please let me know. I have little else to do around the house here and I think if we stay indoors any longer, Tammy might start eating the furniture.
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2012-06-18 11:13 am

055 [ voice | action ]

You've all been busy. I think I liked it better during the experiment. It's a shame I missed most of it.

[He has to pause for a moment, and can be heard moving through the brush.]

Anyway, I'm home. Please tell me no one ate Saizou while I was away.

[Now it's time to get home finally and rest. The stitch in his side and the shortness of breath are really bothering him, but he'll still stop and say hi to people who find him on his way as he walks through the forests and across town toward House 40. It's only polite, after all, and he was gone awhile.

He might even stop and say hi - mostly to then ask about this Catherine business, though. So if your person is out and about, welcome to having a guy in New Feather pants, newly back from the dead, probably still looking like death warmed over, coming up with a smile and a--

Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you something?
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2012-05-29 11:21 am

054 [Written]

I hope the experiment isn't causing everyone too much trouble. It's been so much fun to watch it from the windows. I saw a large black vehicle fall from the sky the other day. And people.

In fact, has everyone been well? Does anyone have any fun stories from their time so far? I'd like to hear them.

Letters to Sokka, Okita Souji, Ayumu, Hijikata sent on May 30th )
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2012-05-18 01:19 pm

053 [ voice ]

[the recording is quiet for a short while before he speaks, and when he does, his voice is thin and somewhat strained even though he tries to make it sound as cheerful as usual. it also sounds as if he's reading his lines, which, in fact, he is.]

Welcome to all the new residents of Luceti. I hope you are all settling in well. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Normally there is a mixer soon after the arrival cycle ends. I hope you will join and meet everyone. I think it is a wonderful-- [he stops and the recording cuts out for a moment] --a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better........

[he seems to give up on his prepared speech, speaking absently]

The weather is nice, isn't it? What is the weather like back in your homes? Is it always this warm in the fifth month? Is it warmer? Are there festivals or flowers that come about just about now?

The changing of the seasons is so wonderful to me... The world is renewing itself. It seems like there is so much hope built into the spring and the coming of the hot summer months.

I wonder if we'll have a summer festival this year....

[ooc; for anyone looking to speak with okita face-to-face he's still at house 50, but he'll be outside for the first time in a week or two, sitting on the porch with a thick blanket over his lap. it's likely this is the last time he'll be seen outside before may 30th comes around]