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Positive (Max 3) Negative (Max 3)
 Takeshi Gantz
❤ ❤
The co-captain of the Goldstone and my defacto leader, I suppose. He knows my real name somehow, but has yet to connect me to the man in his past. Although he is young, he fights well albeit reluctantly. As with most children, he doesn't desire to harm others but will in order to protect those he cares about. He has a young "panda" named Hoi Hoi who was dead before, but has come back to life.
 Kubo Kubo & the 2 Strings
❤ ❤
Kubo has the power to bring paper to life, but has lost much already despite being so young. His parents are both dead, likely in an adventure of some sort that they went on together. He still feels their loss keenly and suggestions that lead him to think that someone might die or leave him cause him great pain. He was once a happier child, that much I can see. I wonder how long it will take before he can smile easily once again.
 Mon-El SuperGirl
❤ ❤
An alien from another world, he's the other security officer on board the Goldstone with me. He seems to loathe killing, however, and would prefer to let our enemies go with minimal damage. We fought together during the raider attack, but he showed displeasure with how I dealt with them. Currently, he is dating a woman from his world - Kara.
 Tempest OC
❤ ❤
A half elf from a world of magic, she can use it herself and apparently used it to make a living. She has some darkness in her past, and prefers to keep her ears covered. Tempest was among the first to greet me when I arrived and while she has a great power, she also seems to have trouble with some turns of phrase. It's quite cute. She has a good sense of humor though and I think she'd be fun if we chose to tease people together.
 Maggie Walking Dead

I don't know her as well as I probably should, but she likes to work in her Med Lab and I am trying to avoid that place as much as possible. Recently, she tried to rip her augment out, causing her a great deal of pain and injury. Another Fleet member, Max, found her and has asked that I look after her. Something in her past has caused her great pain... I wish I knew what it was.
 Crowley Good Omens

A strange man with "reality bending" powers. He came to us from the Pathstone when our ships merged. He wears dark glasses often and has a plethora of plants, that he keeps alive apparently by threatening them. He's currently our communications officer.
 Nightingale OC
❤ ❤
A young girl with powers of her own, especially of fire and lightning. She doesn't like to be snuck up on and is very suspicious of this place as she was previously held in a different world before this one. She has a brown animal called Rhea who is a comfort creature for her, and she is currently involved with one of our co-captains, Opal, originally of the Pathstone. She has a dry humor, but I think she's quite nice when she isn't threatening to burn me.
 Opal Next to Normal

The other co-captain of our new ship, the Goldstone. She's involved with Nightingale and they are quite open with their love for one another if you get them talking. She likes cats and will approve of Saizou, but seems to be at odds with creatures that grow too large for our ship. I think, despite her words, she will be a good captain who cares for her crew. But I need to learn more about her before I put too much trust in her.
 Maglor Tolkien
❤ ❤
A 9,000 year old elf from another world. They are apparently immortal and cannot be killed except for a short (a few thousand) years. He lives in exile due to something he and his family did - most likely the slaughter of their kin. He doesn't seem particularly disdainful of violence, although he does seem guilty about what he did. A forgemaster, he is going to create my blade for me, and sing me songs of his people.
 Kirito Sword Art Online
❤ ❤
He is a dual-wielding swordsman from my future in Japan, so I must be careful what I say around him. He can change his appearance for one reason or another. He's also quite enthusiastic about swordsmanship and is helping me by creating a "light sword." As an engineer, he can create things easily here, much more easily than I will ever understand. We train together sometimes and it's rather fun.
 Edwin Jarvis MCU
❤ ❤
We first met because I accidentally laughed at him, but have since become easy allies. He is a servant, a butler, and likes to cook and get into somewhat ridiculous situations. He's interested in decorating the ships so they aren't so full of cold metal and likes to learn local recipes and dishes. He seems to have some hesitation toward me for a reason I'm not entirely certain of.
 Nami One Piece

Her sponsor gave her a large crate full of sparkly hair accessories, but because she has short hair, she gave them away. I only just recently met her, but I know she is quite active here on the Fleet and is well known among the passengers. I believe she may have been confused as to my gender when we first met, but tried to keep it quiet.
 Felix Doctorine of Labyrinths

He has hair the color of fire and a grumpy disposition to match. He seems very fancy, but is easy to rile and make frown. I can't wait to tease him a little more once I get to know him better. He came to us through the merge with the Pathstone and seems to have a problem with water.
 Richard Castle Castle

A writer of mysteries who is due to be married and has one child already. We met when taking care of children and again when he accidentally set himself on fire with his new powers. He's quite a bit older than me, but it's a familiar feeling, having an older man around to talk with. He isn't like the men I knew though - he acts far too young.
 Tamamo-no-mae Fate
❤ ❤
The legendary fox spirit is real, and she is quite boisterous. Tamamo-no-mae, or the "beautiful Tamamo-chan" as she prefers to be called, is just like the legend said and nothing like it at all. She is quite feminine and I can see how men of the olden days would have fallen for her, but she's also quite modern having lived beyond when her legend said. She wishes people knew her true story, rather than the story that has been passed down through generations.
 Max Mad Max

A quiet, taciturn man who helped Maggie when she tried to rip her augment out. He seems to be unaccustomed to a lot of human interaction, and is quite rough around the edges even though it's obvious he cares for people a great deal. I have offered him assistance in exchange for him helping Maggie.
 Otono-Tachibana BotI

One of the only other people here who is from a Japan that I am familiar with. She comes from my past and is apparently the one who helped teach the original founder of the Ittou style of swordsmanship. It was surprising to learn that a woman practiced the art enough to become a master, but I hope she will show me what she knows. This is a chance I cannot allow to pass untaken.
 Kai Gracen Kai Gracen

A man who comes from a world where it fused with another, we met when the Golden fused with the Pathstone and he hailed us to hear about what happened. He has an interesting world full of magical creatures, and finds half-elves an impossibility. I'd like to learn more about him, I think, even if he comes from such a foreign place as "Southern California."

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