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+ Permissions Meme
Threadhopping/Threadjacking: Perfectly okay as long as all parties involved are in agreement! Just be sure to coordinate. It can be as simple as contacting me on plurk to commenting here. I'm pretty open!

Backtagging: I live in Japan so my time zone is a little screwy meaning I'm up for backtagging until the end of time.

Hugging: He isn't much for personal contact and will likely avoid hugs unless he's very close to your character. In his era, a hug was a very intimate thing. He's very affectionate in his own way, but he's not too touchy-feely. Doesn't mean I'm not okay with people hugging him though! Culture shock is fun.

Kissing: Culture shock is fun 8) But TB is not, so, you know, I hope your character is vaccinated or immune.

Hanky-panky: Sure, if our characters get that far. I'm open to it.

Relationships: He's going to gathering people like platonic pokemon, but romantically, it'll take a little longer. If you're up for a long term slow burn "GODDAMMIT, JUST TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS, MORONS" then we coo'.

Kinks/No-Gos: I don't have any kinks I particularly like, but I'm open to discussing most anything. As for No-Gos, I'm not up for anything non-consensual although if someone is pushy but doesn't try to force him, I'm cool.

Punching: Sure, but he will punch back and possibly three times as hard. Or stab. Stabby McStabbkins over here has boundary issues.

Injury?: Let's beat him up. 8) As long as we talk about it beforehand, I'm toootally cool with him getting his butt kicked sideways off the ship.

Death? Well, that's going to happen eventually anyway because *~history~* but in game, sure. If there's a good plot reason for it.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?:Don't fourth wall him as an anime character, but history fourth wall? Sure. Fanboy, tell him his future, be surprised that he likes pink t-shirts, whatever you like.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? He's extremely friendly and very open, but only to a certain extent. He also uses aliases when meeting people he wishes to distance from his Shinsengumi persona; so you might hear him respond to the name Okita, Souji, or Soujirou. If he's undercover, he'll use one of his formal names Kaneyoshi or Harumasa.

And while he seems normal and well adjusted on the outside, he actually harbors a major complex about his skill. He refers to himself as a demon and refuses to think that he's a normal human being since he was born with undeniable skill at the sword, which inadvertently got his father killed. He killed his first person at the age of nine and has since refused to think of himself as a person, but rather as a demon raised to defend his country and do as he was told. He'll wield his sword for his cause and pretend not to regret the river of blood he's caused and the issues it causes him.

Anything else, please mention here: It's mentioned in his profile as well, but he's suffering from tuberculosis - early to mid stages. Also, it might be noted that his voice actor is a woman, so his voice is softer and not quite as deep or as masculine as some might expect.

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