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♥~fourth wall catch-all~♥

Okita Souji is busy, busy, busy. Fayt is still recovering as far as he knows, so he takes the time to visit by Ground Building, Floor 2, Room #7 when he gets a chance. However, most of his time is devoted to the Welcome Center. He's there at all hours of the day now, working the desk or finding people around the village who seem lost to hand out maps and information. It's odd to him that these people don't have wings, but he doesn't recall a time when this has happened before, so it was either an experiment or a new way of coming into Luceti. Either way, he's there with a smile on his face, bundled up against the cold - sometimes with a medium-sized grumpy pig at his heels = and greeting all the people that he can. When he's not working, he's back at House 50 and sitting out front, just in case, but looking more exhausted than he has in awhile.

Walter Bishop is, for lack of a better term, discombobulated by the newcomers. His usual routine disturbed, he isn't certain whether to hide in his house/lab in Flame Building, Floor 3, Room 11 or to go out and explore this strange phenomenon. If and when he's out, he's in his usual cabby hat and a heavy jacket over his wool sweater and checkered shirts. He'll be flitting from place to place all over the village, wherever any of the newcomers are with a medium-sized metal case in one hand and the other raised to catch their attention.

"P-Pardon me! You there! Wait a moment now, I can't run after you carrying all this equipment!"

Peggy Carter, aka Agent Carter since the influx of sudden newcomers minus their wings has sent her into full "wtf" mode, is spending her time as wisely as possible. Along with directing any newcomers who need it toward the bar where she works, she's going to be following people around discreetly to see if she can learn anything about their sudden appearance. She can also be found quite easily at the Barracks practising hand-to-hand combat knife techniques, at the Battle Dome doing various shooting exercises, or behind Flame Building throwing axes into trees while still wearing her usual skirt and heels because what lady doesn't, right?

To patrons at the bar, she'll often set down their order with a smile and an opening line of, "Can't be easy coming in like this - how are you holding up?"

Beat is doing his usual thing, but with all the newcomers he's doing a lot more work for All Passions for Rhyme. This means he's running all around the village either on foot or on his skateboard as he tries to hit up all the shops to get materials that Rhyme might need, or send the newcomers toward the clothing stores if they need it. He spends most of his time in the village plaza looking harried, but excited by all the activity. He's also going to be looking for as many familiar faces as he can, hoping to see if any of his friends have shown up during this chaos. Unfortunately, he's never been the best at looking ahead and so he might just barrel straight into people as he runs, periodically yelling, "Watch out! Comin' through! Move it, slowbean!"

[ooc; Catch-all post for all my characters, just let me know who you want in the header and where they are.]
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[Running into people is a terrible way to greet old buddies, Bro. Neku was just trying to greet a familiar face!]

Well good morning to you too?
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Wha--?! [He spins on his skateboard and comes to a dead stop after running into Neku. The look of disbelief is hard to miss as he stares at him, wide-eyed and open mouthed.

Tick tock and his brain catches up.

WHOA, PHONES?! Whatchu doin' back?!
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[What's that, Beat? You weren't expecting a corgi to jump on your skateboard while you're running errands?]

[Well, that's exactly what happened. Sorry guy. But, bright side, at least you have a courier pup to possibly help you out.]
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He notices that his board is heavier and he turns back, looking down at the little...furbutt that's jumped on. Beat slows to a stop and stares. Did he just get one of those Pokemon things?


Oh, no, wait, it's just a dog. With a confused look in his eyes, but a happy smile on his face, he turns around and kneels - putting a hand out for the dog to smell.

Yo, doggy, whatchu up to, huh? You wanna ride?
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[Did... did that corgi just nod? ... ... Nah, must have been his imagination. Possibly.]

[The little dog sniffs at Beat's hand, playfully licks one of his fingers, then puts a paw into his palm. Looks like she knows how to shake, at least.]
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This dog is so awesome, a grin spreads across his face and he shakes her paw vigorously.

Aight, let's get you a ride. Where you wanna go?
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hey Walter. heykrrrkkk

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[Don't run too fast.

You'll miss the details.

Like how the sky has grown darker, slowly, now the translucent grey that comes before a storm. Like the distant rumble of thunder, or the soft rustle of raindrops coming your way, or the patter of small footsteps behind you, where nobody seems to be when you turn around. More thunder, and from the shadow of an alleyway the faintest sound of a laboured, rattling breath.

Maybe you should run after all. Maybe you should run fast.]
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hayyyyy hairbeast haaaaay

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[It hadn't been this dark a moment earlier and the footsteps he'd been running after seem to lead nowhere. Walter slows to a stop, staring at the sky and squinting.]


[No, he didn't feel anything on his skin other than the raising of hairs on the back of his neck, which he discounted as a simple act of extra electricity in the air. He was still uncertain though - especially when he heard someone breathing like they were drowning on dry land.

He set his kit down and took out a small pocket flashlight, shining it down the alleyway from whence the sound emanated, frowning.

Hello? Hello, are you alright?
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krrrkity krk

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[The thunder stayed distant, but the air grew heavier, thick with moisture and heat, a midsummer storm passing through. The shadows in the alley deepened and the clouds darkened, stretching until they seemed to reach for his feet. The faint rattle sounded again, from behind a dumpster tucked beneath a patch of jutting-out roof --

And then something small brushed past his feet, tangling at his ankles before speeding away into the recesses of an unlit doorway.]
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akd;jakdfa;j what was that

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[The sudden temperature and humidity spike was oppressive and Walter stopped, wondering how the middle of winter with snow on the ground could suddenly feel like he was in the middle of a heat wave. Not only that, but it was darker here than he thought and his penlight wasn't penetrating even the shallowest shadow--]


[Something nearly tripped him and he stumbled hitting his shoulder against the brick wall of the alleyway.]

What in the heavens was that?!

[He spun around, pointing his flashlight toward the door, certain that whatever it was, it had gone that way. Maybe a new type of creature? He'd seen so many here already, perhaps this was one that could affect the weather? A chimera?]

No no no, chimeras are much larger...not with powers like these. Unnatural, not of this world.

[With each word, he stepped closer to the doorway until a thought occurred to him and he paused, just a few feet away.]

...Am I hallucinating again? I can't recall if I dosed myself this morning or not.
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krrrkrkrkrkrk it's dubstepyako

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[A hallucination, embedded deeply into the mind, was as good as reality for the body. But this was no hallucination, not in the traditional sense; this was a growing scent of copper in the thick air, an emotion soaked so deeply into the very earth it poisoned everything that touched it --

And this was also a black cat, small and well-tended, resolving out of the darkness and nosing the air at Walter. It was clearly unhappy about the moisture in the air, tail lashing stiffly and body filled with unhappy tension.]


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for Okita

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[Hello there, Welcome Center. There's suddenly someone peeking in the door. Someone who might look somewhat familiar, maybe, except that his eyes are a mismatched blue and gold.

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[The boy doesn't smile in return, but he does relax just a little at the friendly greeting.]

Hello. I think I'm lost. Can you tell me where I am?
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[The way he repeats the name says that he's familiar with the word, but still surprised by it. He glances back over one shoulder, then the other, then returns to Okita with a puzzled expression.]

I don't have any wings, though.

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[Luckily enough for Walter, the green haired young man he's flagging down is rather polite. He pauses in step, turning back to face the elder man with a concerned frown. He looked quite out of breath... why was he running?]

Are you alright?
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O-oh, thank God... [Walter finally caught up to the stranger, huffing and puffing as he set his kit down.] You-- You stopped. Good.

[He took a moment to catch his breath and then straightened up, wiping his hands on his cardigan before reaching one out to the green-haired lad.]

My name is Dr. Walter Bishop. Can I have a sample of your hair?
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[Between the dress she's wearing and the lack of wings, Dinah is aware of just how much she sticks out. But her friends aren't anywhere to be seen and she's not sure what else to do, so she is taking her time window shopping. It's helping to keep her calm.]
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omg dinah ;w;

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[Window shopping is fun, yes, but probably not when a rambunctious teenager nearly barrels into you. He slides around the corner and is only barely able to stop himself from smacking straight into Dinah while she peers into a window, teetering forward before throwing his arms back.]

Whoa!! Where'd you come from?!
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yes hello old friend <3

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[His arrival certainly gives her a start. Given that she's somewhat accustomed to working with surprising situations she recovers quickly enough, smoothing down her skirt and looking this young man square on.]

New England, although I'm sure that's not what you meant.
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;A; omg she still has a tag on this journal since i imported it from Sieben

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[Okay, be cool, Beat. He smooths his shirt out almost as a reflex to her doing the same to her skirt and blinks at her.]

New whatland? Oh, new feather? Uh, welcome, I guess?
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aww now I feel the silly kind of special

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New feather?

[Dinah tilts her head to the side, noticing he's one of those people with wings. It's curious to see that some have them and others don't, but she's not sure she's interested in finding out why.]

I don't think I am. You're supposed to get those things as soon as you show up, right? As you can see I'm still a wingless wonder.

indeed :D

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you know who

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( He's....been here before, right? That's the distinct feeling he's getting, and he doesn't distrust his gut normally, but this...

This is bullshit. Why are all these foreigners walking around with wings. Perhaps he really did die back there in the fight against Kaz no, that's even worse bullshit.

Anyway, his subconscious leads him back to House 50 at some point. Here's the single wingless, confused Hijikata you ordered. Peering at the locale like he's trying to remember how much it owes him. )