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060 [video | written]

[He's taken the time to write the same information he's saying in a message beneath the video. He's sitting at the Welcome Center front desk, little rocks painted like various people from Luceti (even some faces who are now long gone) lined up on the edge of the desk in front of him.]

Hello, Luceti~ It seems that the New Feather season is upon us again, so I would like to inform new people that they can find temporary accommodations, food, and information on Luceti at the Welcome Center located on the town plaza. We even have this lovely calendar here-- [He turns the camera around to show the large calendar on the Welcome Center wall, holding it there for a moment before putting the journal back.] --for people who would like to advertise and plan events to be held around the town.

For those who find themselves in the woods, don't worry! There are stone structures dotted throughout the forest with maps, provisions, and instructions on how to reach the village and the Center itself.

We all know how hard it is to adjust to such new, strange surroundings, so please don't hesitate to ask for help. That's what we're here for.

Oh, also, on that note, if there is anyone who would like to volunteer their time at the Center, please let me know. I know Aang-kun and Potts-san assist where they can, but we're always looking for more people to help stock the New Feather stations or man the help desk.

Mm....I guess that's about it. Unless you can think of anything.

[His pig snorts from under the desk and Souji laughs.]

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and please keep an eye out for any newcomers, if you can. Thank you~

[Filtered; Written: Sokka Thunderaxe]
Sokka-kun, I realize I haven't been the most useful teacher lately. I wish you luck on your newest mission and I hope to have a new regimen in place for when you return. Be safe.

[Filtered; Written: Fayt Leingod, Cliff Fittir]
Cliff-san, Fayt-kun, if you would come to the barracks when next you can, I think it is about time I make good on an old promise.
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[Volunteers for the Welcome Center? She had chickened out of asking about volunteering there a long time ago, but...well, maybe she should give it another go.]

U-Um, if you need people to help out at the Welcome Center, um, I'd totally like to help out, if I can...!
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[Pilouette is a little surprised. She had always kind of assumed she wasn't the kind of person people noticed.]

Oh, um, my name is Pilouette. A-And whatever needs to be done, I'll get right on it! I have lots of time since school just ended...!
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[She hadn't thought much about that. It takes her a second to come up with an answer.]

A-Actually, I'm not sure is there's like, anything specific I wanna do...But um, like I said, I'll do anything that needs to be done! If it helps, I know a little first aid and I can kind of cook. And I've been trying to learn my way around the forest, so I can even go looking for people if you need me to!

[As far as Pilouette's concerned following orders is what she's best at.]
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...Parties? U-Um, I'm okay at them, I guess. I, um, did some work on the last New Feather Party...

[She feels like everyone else did all the real work. She just...asked people if they wanted in and did some planning.]
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O-Oh! Uh, you're welcome! I-I mean, thank you! Uh, that is...I'm just glad everyone had fun!

But, um, why did you ask about that...?
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Wh...Y-Yes! I, um, I'd love to! Are you sure you're okay with someone like me planning it, though?! I mean, I'm glad everyone had fun at the last party but it probably wasn't like, super creative or exciting or anything...!

[Especially compared to previous parties; masquerade balls, a giant mural-drawing party...The previous party had just kind of...happened. Being official asked to do it makes her a little nervous.]
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O-Oh...me, too! And if I'm getting nervous after being here for a while, I guess people who just got here would be a little freaked out at such a huge party all of sudden.

[She knows she was a little nervous being at a party full of people not too long after arriving herself.]

Okay! I'll totally do my best, then! I wonder what would be good, though...
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action; barracks with fayt and souji

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[The written notice that he found upon waking that morning had come as a surprise for Cliff. Souji, the ever smiling, glittery prankster of a Captain, seemed like he was actually serious. They had all promised a sparring session...could that be what the message was about?

He waited a little bit before making sure Fayt was awake and filling him in on the note. After writing a more casual equivilent 'ten four' he made his way to the barracks to chill and be on the look out for any stray sparklebombs.]
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action; barracks with fayt and souji

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[Fayt had a good idea of what this was about, remembering the promise himself after a moment of thinking on the note. So of course, he grabs his sword on the way out, following Cliff to the barracks. Wouldn't do to arrive unprepared, if that was the case.

He's not expecting any sparklebombs himself, but if there were... well, he'd learned recently training could involve some pretty interesting methods.]
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[Just tea? For shame! Cliff waves back as he makes his way to the simple but elegant set up.]

Yo~! 'Sup, Souji?
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[He certainly hadn't been expecting tea of all things..... The barracks seemed like a pretty odd place for a drink. He offers a cheerful grin as he approaches alongside Cliff.]

Hey. Been a while.
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[Tea was the very last thing that Cliff expected, but there were far less structures of formality and manners in the dojo he trained in. They showed high respect for their master and eachother, but there was no ceremony to it. Such a formal show of politeness was completely counterintuitive, but he respected the fact that Souji was from another culture and another era.

Things were very different in both days.

Cliff casually picked a cushion and sat, silently trying to puzzle out exactly how to manage with such a piece of furniture.]

Been keeping busy, really. It's too hot to do much these days.

[He was just going to settle and sit cross legged. It really was the best answer when the table was that small.]
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[Fayt settles into the other cushion much the same as Cliff does, cross legged. This kind of furniture setup was too old for Fayt to know much, if anything about, even if he was from Earth.

History had never been his best subject, though he knew plenty enough to get by. And hey, if they did this sort of thing before training where Souji was from, it obviously served some sort of purpose.]

That heat wave was pretty bad. Sticking indoors more seemed like the better option.
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[Souji would doubtless have Cliff's eternal love and gratitude for his understanding of the fact that Cliff hated this kind of weather. Years spent in climate controlled areas had an effect on things.

He took his glass with an appreciative nod. Ice and caffeine made a wonderful combination.]


The table ain't too bad. These cushions are way more comfortable than most chairs for this kinda set up.
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Sorry for the fail on my part. I'll pick up pace.

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[Fayt picks up his glass as well, pleased with the consideration. Iced drinks really did hit the spot, these days. After Cliff finishes talking and Fayt finishes taking a drink, he nods.]

This is good.

So you do you usually have tea here, or is there some special reason? [That was alright to ask, right?]
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I haven't been volunteering there for a while, but if you need more help, I'd be happy to start working there again!